How to be Successful in BJJ – Powerful Mindset in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu the results of training are hard won and happen over time not immediately, so people used to the modern culture of easy, effort free, instant gratification easily lose interest. BJJ is hard work and requires demanding training before progress can actually be made. This is one of the reason’s behind the high turnover rate in the sport, I’ve lost count of the number of people who have come and gone from the classes I have attended over the years. Probably enticed by watching MMA and deciding they want the ability they see displayed by the fighters then quickly give up when they are not immediately beating everyone in sight. Obviously the image was more appealing than the reality of acquiring it. 

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Summer BJJ Beach Training & BBQ Session 2019

We had an excellent time training at our summer beach training and BBQ session, held on Eastney Beach, Southsea in Portsmouth last night! With members of the Pure Art club enjoying plenty of fun rolling and learning by the waves followed by something to eat.

We started in the early evening on a sun-filled Friday. The event was a No-Gi training session, to make the most of the warm weather and location. We set up a sizable matted area on the beach overlooking the sea. In order to offer something for everyone, on one side of the mat, we practised various techniques and moves with each other, with lots of advice being shared and effective techniques being drilled, varying from guard passing and side control escapes to submissions. On the other side of the mats the group took it in turns to roll with each other in a winner stays on format, which was action-packed and great fun to watch with some impressive performances and great techniques being applied.

The event was well attended, with many current students coming along to enjoy the evening, some bringing friends. It was also attended by students who are not currently training for various reasons but came along to support the club and catch up with their previous training partners.

Later on in the evening, as the sun started to set, BBQs were lit, and food was cooked and eaten as well as some members enjoying swimming in the sea.

You can see some of the action and fun from the session in the video clip and photos posted below.

It was a great evening full of learning and socialising for the club, and we will certainly be holding more of these enjoyable outdoor sessions and events in summers to come!

Beach BJJ

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