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What is BJJ?

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu also known as BJJ is one of the most popular and fastest growing martial arts in the world. Fantastically effective for hand to hand combat and self defence, It's similar to a mix of Judo and Wrestling and relies on technique and leverage rather than strength and brute force.

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it's one of the most effective, well proven and well respected martial arts for person to person combat on the planet. Tried and tested, its effectiveness has been proven in the UFC Ultimate Fighting Championships and its a highly popular art for use in MMA Mixed Martial Arts.

It has a heavy focus on grappling, joint locks, choke submissions etc and especially ground fighting as this is where most fights end up!

Great for Self Defence!

Most fights and physical altercations end up on the ground, the reason you dont see this in sports fighting is that there is a referee to seperate both combatants once the range (distance) between them closes down into wrestling range. In the real world most situations quickly end up on the ground.

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Being able to take a single opponent to the ground and control them whilst you apply techniques that will render them incapacitated is a highly effective, tested and proven fight strategy. but its also equally beneficial to be able to prevent or defend yourself if taken there against your will and be able to return to standing again and escape if need be.

Unlike a lot of clubs that nowadays only practise the sports element of BJJ, at Pure Art BJJ we also practice a full self defence syllabus of practical, easy to apply and effective techniques that the art was originally designed upon/for alongside contemporary self defence strategies and tactics.

Fantastic For Fitness!

A session of BJJ is physically demanding, the constant movement provides a fantastic workout and builds powerful functional strength as well as good cardio, the fluidity of motion and stretching it provides is also great for your flexibility.

Highly Effective!

BJJ uses live rolling, a highly addictive form of sparring similar to wrestling as an important part of its class whereby partners will attempt to control and apply submission techniques on each other, releasing them once their partner taps before any injury can occur.

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Due to the fact the art is grappling rather than strike based, partners are able to fully resist against techniques giving each other the opportunity to test and experience using them for real without fear of causing injury, as a consequence you will gain confidence and knowledge that the ability you have gained now works for real.

Due to this live practice method, practitioners can gain a very effective ability in a short period of time, Just like you wouldnt learn tennis without getting on a court and having a game in a simlar fashion you cannot learn to fight without doing it. BJJ offers you a safe and practical way to do this. There is no doubting or imagining that what you have learned works with this martial art.

Works Regardless of Size or Strength!

BJJ is based on leverage and science, rather than muscle, strength and brute force, using these principles and details a smaller person is able to overcome a larger person using Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu regardless of size gender or age.

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Superb for Weight Loss!

BJJ is a great form of exercise and burns a lot of calories during a session, you will also find yourself wanting to eat healthier due to the enhanced ability on the mats this will provide and the positive lifestyle BJJ promotes.

Way More Fun than Joining a Gym!

BJJ provides exercise as part of a enjoyable activity rather than exercising for its own sake which can become boring and repetitive quite quickly meaning your less likely to stick with it.

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More importantly its also way more productive and rewarding as you are gaining a lifelong skill and ability which may save your life whilst gaining fitness and enhanced your physique at the same time.

It's also great for stress and gaining balance in your life. The positive life rewards of Jiu-Jitsu go way beyond gaining skill in fighting and at Pure Art BJJ we foster a positive atmosphere in all classes which means you will leave feeling great.

Does it actually work!

Yes. unlike all the kicking and punching the air you may find in other martial arts, you will gain real experience of its use under live pressure and feel its effectiveness within a few classes guaranteed. Time is precious so why waste it?

Do I Need Anything to start?

No when you first start you just need to wear loose comfortable clothing and bring a drink of water. The first session is completely Free to try!

When you decide to get a Gi (training outfit) we recommmend
Valor Fightwear. The Gis are a great price, excellent quality and delivered fast.

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