121 Private Lessons in BJJ / Mixed Martial Arts / Self Defence / Striking

121 Private Lessons In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

You Will Benefit From Rapid Progress!

The benefits of a 121 private lesson is that all the attention of the entire lesson is completely focused on You!

This enables us to give intensive focus on you correctly performing the important details that make a technique work and means rapid progress compared to what you can expect from a group class when sharing that time with others!

Group classes do have their own benefits which I cover on the group classes page and my overall recommendation for the fastest progress and most comprehensive understanding of BJJ is to train both.

You Choose Which Areas To Focus On!

Private lessons can cover all areas of BJJ, Martial Arts and Self Defence / Self Protection including Ground Techniques, Striking, Takedowns, Throws and Standing Techniques as well as Mindset, Strategy, Awareness, etc.

You can work on a specific focus of your choosing or I can make an assesment of your level and choose areas that I feel would benefit your ability most. Or I can teach you the entire martial art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from the start on a lesson by lesson basis. it is completely up to you!

Mixed Martial Arts

If you want you can train an overall mixture of martial arts together covering Punching, Kicking, Knees, Elbows and other Striking, Clinching, Takedowns & Throws, Standing Joint Locks and Chokes, Ground Techniques and Self Defence Strategy in order to give you a well rounded martial arts ability.

BJJ Class Portsmouth - Free 1hr Private lesson! When joining for the month in July!

Where Your Lessons Will Be - Location:

I currently teach 1-2-1 Lessons from my home in Portsmouth, I have a covered matted area so I can teach in all weather.

They can also take place at a location of your choice (travel costs may be added to prices quoted below depending on distance) a broad range of times, day & evening are available so please enquire if interested.

You Can Share The Payment With Others!

Private lessons can be shared with another person ie 2-2-1 allowing you to split the payment between you making it even cheaper to to make rapid progress. I also have options for learning on a 3-2-1 and 4-2-1 basis.

You Will Get A Friendly Patient Teaching Method Focused Completely On You!

My teaching method is always friendly and patient and lessons are only taken at a pace and rate of progress you are comfortable with.

I am very experienced with teaching people of all ages who are new to martial arts, so you can be rest assured you will be eased into training gently and gradually to match the level you feel comfortable participating at.

Private Lesson BJJ

Do You Need Equipment To Start?

No Just comfortable clothing and Drink of water is all you need to start.

If you decide you would like to buy a Gi (training outfit) then we recommmend
Valor Fightwear. The Gis are the best price, excellent quality and delivered fast.

1-2-1 Or 2-2-1 Private Training Deals

1hr = £29.95

1.5hrs = £39.95

2hrs = £54.95

3 hrs = £79.95

(Special Offer)
Block of 4, 1hr lessons = £99.95

Private Lesson BJJ

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Just send a message below now! and come and get private training in BJJ in Portsmouth Hampshire, UK, and see how quickly you can make rapid progress!


Alternatively email us at info@pureartbjj.com or txt 07851471618 and we'll get back to you right away! We hope to see you soon!

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