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Why You Should Train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

BJJ is one of the most powerful and proven effective martial arts on the planet making it excellent for Self Defence!

It's used in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), by special forces, law enforcement and security personnel all over the world for one reason, it works!

you will find it fun and highly addictive to train, great for stress relief, fitness and health, flexibility and weight loss!

Beginner Friendly For You!

Our classes are very beginner friendly and suitable for people of all ages 13+, no matter how new you are to martial arts!

You will be eased into training gently and gradually to match the level you feel comfortable participating at.

Entire Authentic Martial Art Taught To You!

We Teach You The Entire Martial Art including Self Defence, Takedowns, Throws, Standing And Ground Techniques As Well As Sports Competition.

The technical information taught is always 100% authentic and highly effective based on 12+ years of experience in the art.

Friendly Attitude Free Positive Atmosphere!

We ensure the classes have an enjoyable atmosphere with everyone working together to help each other and make your training enjoyable!

What Teaching Method Will You Recieve?

The teaching method you receive is always friendly and patient! Lots of individual attention is given to you as a student to ensure that you get the progress you deserve!

Solid Structure and Curriculum For You!

We have an enjoyable solid structure to the classes and follow a curriculum focusing on the most important and effective fundamental techniques that you will be able to use.

Lessons are technical and focus on the important details that make a technique work for you.

UKBJJA Member Club:

We are a Member club of the UKBJJA United Kingdom Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Association and meet and maintain the high standards set out by this governing body for your safety!

Do you need a Gi?

No, We have spare Gi jackets for you to borrow for your first few lessons. after that you can get one easily online.

We recommend Valor Fightwear They have the best price, excellent quality and fast delivery.

What Do You Need To Bring?

Once you have made your free trial appointment for you and any friends that would like to try it out just bring some water and comfortable clothing to start.

Any piercings or jewelry will need to be removed before training for safety reasons.

Day's and Times - When You Can Train:

Monday 19:30 - 21:00 (No Gi BJJ)

Tuesday 19:30 - 21:00 (Gi BJJ)

Thursday 20:00- 21:00 (No Gi BJJ)

Friday 19:30- 21:00 (Gi BJJ)

Classes are back up & running!

We are very busy & visits from new students & non members are by appointment only, So please email us and we will be in touch to arrange your Free Trial Session at the next available convenience.

Location - Where You Need To Go:

Pure Art BJJ Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - Martial Arts
Miltoncross Academy
Milton Road


How You Will Find The Training Room:

You can find instructions on how you can find the gym room we train in on our Find Us page

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When you decide to become part of our BJJ family, membership is as follows:

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  • No Joining Fee for New Members!



£59.95 Unlimited Training, All Classes Per Calendar Month! (via direct debit.)

Teens 13-17 yrs

£39.95 Unlimited Training, All Classes Per Calendar Month! (via direct debit.)

Travellers and Temporary Visitors:

We love receiving guests from all over the world but our free trial is for residents of the surrounding local areas only with a view to training regularly. if you are visiting and would like to train with us please contact via email or txt.


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If you are looking to purchase a Gi we recommend Valor Fightwear.

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