Day's and Times - When you can train!


18:20pm - 19:30pm:
Beginners BJJ Gi
19:30pm - 19:30pm:
All Levels No Gi BJJ


19:20pm - 21:00pm:
All Levels Gi BJJ


20:00pm - 21:00pm:
All Levels No Gi BJJ


18:20pm - 19:30pm:
Beginners BJJ Gi
19:30pm - 19:30pm:
All Levels Gi BJJ


10:30am - 12:00pm:
Beginners & All Levels BJJ Gi
Beginner Classes Advert

Which Class Should I Choose?

The main difference of the classes is in the pace of them, their structure and the amount of instructors present.

Beginners BJJ

Suitable for everyone from the newest, most inexperienced students upwards.

Our Beginners classes have multiple instructors present who are designated as training partners to the newest students present to ensure you are given maximum support and learn as quickly as possible.

This is essentially like a private lesson for your first few classes.

They follow a repeating structured syllabus of the most important fundamental topics.

The information is still detailed and of use to all levels but wont be too confusing to anyone and the pace of teaching is slower.

The Classes are a shorter length of 1hr & rolling (sparring) is limited to short specific sparring rounds designed to allow beginner students to experience resistance in a safe, gradual way and build technique in response to this.

Beginners classes are also a great investment of time for intermediate & advanced students as you can polish and refine your basics to a high level.

Our Beginners classes are held in the Gi.

A Gi (training uniform) isnt needed for your first few sessions & you are welcome to train without until you are ready to get one.

  • 4-5 Dedicated Instructors Per Class
  • An Assigned Instructor As Your Training Partner For Your First Couple Of Lessons
  • Equivalent To A Private Lesson
  • Repeating Syllabus of Important Basic Concepts
  • Safe, Friendly & Enjoyable
  • Shorter 1 Hour Classes
  • No Fitness Needed
  • Suitable For All Ages 13+
  • Very Limited Specific Sparring Drills Only
  • Experience Level: Zero upwards
Beginners Class

All Levels Gi & No Gi BJJ

All Levels Classes are suitable for experienced beginners right through to intermediate and advanced.

The content taught is a topic of focus that changes on a weekly or monthly basis and the teaching will usually assume students have a basic level of knowledge, and still cover the basics of the topic but teach to a deep level of understanding. Topics can sometimes also cover more advanced areas.

The classes are longer in length at 1.5 hours & Rolling will be both specific sparring and full rounds and whilst doing all of them is encouraged, how much you join in will be up to you.

Absolute Beginners will probably want to start attending these classes in addition to carrying on with Beginner classes after a few months.

Beginners who are more familiar with BJJ may want to add All Levels classes in addition to beginners classes after a few weeks.

We have All Levels Classes in Gi (training uniform) & No Gi (rashguard & shorts) and recommend training both for the most well rounded ability. 

  • More Advanced Content Covered
  • Deeper Levels of Explanation
  • Faster Pace of Teaching
  • Longer Length of 1.5 Hours
  • Safe, Friendly & Enjoyable
  • Optional Full Sparring
  • Experience Level: Basic Familarity Upwards
All Levels Class

Beginners & All Levels Gi BJJ

These sessions are for everyone. The instructors will individually cater the teaching and structure to suit the attendance.

The content taught will follow the same syllabus as the other Beginner classes and Beginners will train in the same way as in the Beginner classes being limited to specific sparring whilst more advanced members will train to suit with full rounds.

A Gi (training uniform) isnt needed for your first few sessions & you are welcome to train without until you are ready to get one.

  • Experience Level: Zero upwards
Beginner Classes Advert

Please Note:

All visits by new students / non members are by confirmed appointment only. Please do not just turn up as we will be unable to accomodate you.

Our free trial's are for residents of the surrounding local areas only with a view to training regularly and are only available via booking in advance.


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