121 Private BJJ Lessons in Portsmouth

BJJ / MMA / Self Defence / Striking

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Benefits Of Private Lessons

  • Rapid Progress!
  • 100% Of My Attention On You!
  • Entire Session Focused On Your Development!
  • You Can Choose Which Areas to Focus On!
  • All Aspects Of Martial Arts Available!
  • Extremely Experienced Teacher!

Like A Customised Consultation For Your BJJ!

Enjoy Private Lessons Learning BJJ in Portsmouth, directly from the Head Instructor of Pure Art BJJ!

I've been training BJJ for 16+ years and have been teaching it for over 13 years and have been training Martial Arts consistently for over 21 years! In that time I have aquired an enormous amount of knowledge and experience to share with you.

My Instructor Jay Butler received his Black Belt from Roger Gracie, the greatest Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Competitor of all time so you can be sure that what you are learning is authentic and the real deal!

You Will Benefit From Rapid Progress!

A 121 private lesson's benefits are that the entire session is totally focused on You and Your development!

Allowing me to give you intensive focus, ensuring you're correctly performing the important details that make a technique work and means rapid progress compared to what you can expect from a group class when sharing that attention with others!

Group classes have their own benefits, which I cover on the group classes page. My overall recommendation for the fastest progress and most comprehensive understanding of BJJ is to train both.

You Choose Which Areas To Focus On!

Private lessons can cover all areas of BJJ, Martial Arts, MMA, and Self Defence / Self Protection, including Ground Techniques, Striking, Takedowns, Throws, and Standing Techniques, Weapons Defence as well as Mindset, Strategy, Awareness, etc.

You can work on a specific focus of your choosing, or I can make an assessment of your level and choose areas that I feel would benefit your ability most. Or I can teach you the entire martial art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from the start on a lesson by lesson basis. It is totally up to you! Any of these areas can also be added to your lessons at a later date if interest arises.

Location - Where Your Lessons Will Be

I teach 1-2-1 Lessons from a full time dedicated indoor training room at my home in Waterlooville, Portsmouth.

You Can Share The Payment With Others!

Private lessons can be shared with other people, 2-2-1 or more, allowing you to split the payment between you, making it even cheaper to make rapid progress.

Do You Need Equipment To Start?

No, Just comfortable clothing and a drink of water are all you need to start.


4 X 1hr Private Lessons = £159.95

1-2-1 Private Lessons are available via online payment, in blocks of 4 only.

Adam Sparrow BJJ Instructor
Adam Sparrow BJJ Instructor
Adam Sparrow BJJ Instructor
Adam Sparrow BJJ Instructor
Adam Sparrow BJJ Instructor

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