Monthly Group Class Membership Options

Adult 18+

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Gold Unlimited Training
£64.95 a Month
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Silver 2 Sessions a Week
£54.95 a Month

Student 18+ 10% Discount (Id Required)

Gold Unlimited Student Training
£58.46 a Month
Silver Student 2 Sessions a Week
£49.46 a Month

Under 18s (Id Required)

Gold Under 18s Unlimited Training
£39.95 a Month

Which Membership Should I Choose?

Our Gold membership is our most popular choice!

We recommend training a minimum of twice a week if you want to make any progress, but if you are able to train more you will make much faster progress.

Most members that join on a silver membership end up upgrading shortly after as unlimited training is just £10 more. Which makes it worth it even if doing the occasional extra session.

We also have multiple classes back to back some days and each class counts as a seperate session so a gold membership means you can easily train multiple sessions on the same night, almost doubling your training time. More training means more progress.

Gold Unlimited Training

Your Best All Round Choice!

  • Unlimited Classes!
  • Fast Progress!
  • Train Up To 7 X Sessions A Week!
  • Take advantage of Multiple Back To Back Sessions!
  • Add On Extra Sessions Whenever You Like!
  • Only £10 More than Silver Membership!
Beginners Class

Silver 2 Sessions a Week

Good for those with very limited time to train.

  • 2 X Classes A Week!
  • Gradual Progress.
  • Good For Those With Very Limited Time To Train.
All Levels Class

Do You Offer Pay As You Go Training?

No, we do not offer pay as you go training, We prefer our students to take a membership.

Pay as you go students dont benefit the club or themselves as they tend to attend far too sporadicly to ever make any progress.

An occassional lesson of BJJ here and there wont build any skill, making it a waste of time for everyone involved. Our Business relies on memberships in order to grow & offer you as a student the best training opportunities

Making the investment of a membership means students are more likely to hold themselves accountable to attend consistently on a regular basis.

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