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Beginners Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Classes Portsmouth

Dedicated Beginner Friendly BJJ Classes For You!

  • 4-5 Dedicated Instructors Per Class
  • An Assigned Instructor As Your Training Partner For Your First Couple Of Lessons
  • Equivalent To A Private Lesson
  • Safe, Friendly & Enjoyable
  • No Fitness Needed
  • Suitable For All Ages 13+
  • Repeating Syllabus of Important Basic Concepts
  • Very Limited Specific Sparring Drills Only
  • Experience Level: Zero Upwards

Our dedicated Beginner BJJ classes in Portsmouth have something truly unique that you wont find anywhere else in that for your first couple of session's you will be matched with an assigned instructor as your training partner providing 1-1 teaching and guidance, the equivalent of a private lesson to enure you feel comfortable and confident in understading what you are doing right away!

We offer a very safe & friendly introduction to the art and suitable for people of all ages 13+, no matter how new to martial arts, how fit or overweight or nervous you are, you will be eased into training gently and gradually to match the level you feel comfortable participating at with often 4-5 instructors on hand at every beginner session to make sure you are given maximum support and guidance every step of the way.

Our Beginner BJJ sessions feature drilling of the most basic and important fundamental concepts that is so crucial to effective BJJ & self defence. We work on a focused curriculum of the most essential techniques that repeats itself every few months to ensure good retention

The pace of the class is very relaxed with no expectations other than to enjoy yourself, You will never feel thrown in the deep end and left to fend for yourself at our classes and there will be very limited optional sparring will take the form of short specific drills with resistance.

Beginners Class

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