Portsmouth Martial Arts – New BJJ Classes

Adding to our Portsmouth martial arts classes… We now have 4 BJJ Martial Arts classes each week in Portsmouth We will be learning the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu but with in depth attention to the important scientific details in order to suit all levels and abilities.

Martial Arts Portsmouth

We will be covering core topics such as passing guard, holding mount and side control, attacking with the highest percentage submissions from the top, back and guard, sweeps, and escapes from all major positions and submissions in order to proved a solid foundation in BJJ. this format makes it a great option to build an effective base in the martial art if your located in or near Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK.

Classes are in the Gi, but until you decide to buy one, so all you need to bring is shorts or tracksuit trousers and a drink. we have a wide variety of people training from brand new complete beginners every session through to more experienced people both male and female and a full range of ages, shapes and sizes so you can train and progress at a pace and with people your comfortable with and no one is made to do anything they dont want to do.
Portsmouth Martial Arts

You will be eased into the art gently and never thrown in at the deep end… whilst we train hard and emphasize working towards a high work rate, this is not a macho fight club type class but the complete opposite, in the same mindset as our other Portsmouth martial arts classes we value the understanding and building of technique above all else.

So if your interested in learning grappling martial arts in Portsmouth / Hampshire area, come down and give it a go. All welcome no experience or fitness neccessary!