Gold Medals For Pure Art BJJ At The Bournemouth BJJ Open 2018!

Great results after our first competition entry as a club at the Bournemouth BJJ Open recently! After lots of work and dedicated preparation, Out of 3 Guys who train Jiu Jitsu with us in Portsmouth competing, 2 won gold medals!

Jiu Jitsu Portsmouth Competition Gold

Krystian Dortan and Jimmy Alderson both won their matches within the first few minutes via submission! Well done to Stan Ferrett also who showed a promising performance with strong guard passing and footlock attacks.

Martial Arts Portsmouth Gold Medals

Krytian won his match submitting his opponent via Americana armlock! Krystian is a long term loyal and dedicated member of the BJJ team in Portsmouth and has been training with me for over a year and a half now since the club opened and although also a successful boxer had not trained any grappling previously.

MMA Portsmouth Gold Medal

BJJ Portsmouth Gold Medal Competition

Jimmy won his match submitting his opponent via Armlock! Jimmy has been training with me for around 6 month and is extremely dedicated to his martial arts training in Portsmouth. A great result for him and the club!

Self Defence Portsmouth Gold Medal

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Portsmouth Competition Gold Medal

Thanks to everyone from the club who came to support us, much appreciated and I hope you enjoyed the day!

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