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About Classes:

Group classes in BJJ are a great way to train and practice with lots of different body shapes and sizes which is important for your development and ability, as well as learn alongside others in a socially interactive setting giving you a broader understanding of BJJ in general. group classes are also great to properly understand the vibe and relaxed informal nature of BJJ and are ideal to be trained alongside private lessons in order to make the fastest progress.

Training environment:

We train in a large modern gymnasium with a sprung floor and a large area of Pro Judo Mats, All training is always done on 40mm thickness mats for safety.

Portsmouth Area Martial Arts Club

Nature of the Lessons:

The Lessons are always highly technical in nature and feature lots of emphasis on the correct details to make a technique work with heavy explanation of the science and reasoning behind them.

Solid Structure and Curriculum!

We have an enjoyable solid structure to the classes and follow a curriculum focusing on the most important and effective fundamental techniques

Teaching Method:

The teaching method is always friendly and patient and works on positive reinforcement and feedback, questions are highly encouraged. I devote a lot of energy and individual attention to each student and ensure that everyone gets the progress they deserve for turning up and giving their time and money.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Lesson

Friendly Attitude Free Positive Atmosphere!

We ensure the classes have a really good enjoyable atmosphere with everyone working together to help each other and enjoy their training.

Authentic Technical Information!

The technical information taught is always 100% authentic and fuly tested. I place a strong emphasis on the tried and tested old school fundamental concepts and techniques and aim to build a strong foundation and understanding of these in my students.

In all classes explanations are given not just of what to do but why to do it, enabling an understanding of the concepts behind a technique and a much quicker development in ability. By understanding the concepts that make a technique work you can apply it to varying scenarios and learn new techniques easier.

BJJ Class

Entire Martial Art Taught!

Self Defence, Takedowns, Throws, Standing and Ground techniques as well as Sports Competition!

We teach the self defence side of Jiu-Jitsu in our classes, as well as the more competition orientated techniques. We are also one of the few clubs to include sparring starting from standing into our rolling (live sparring) practice, as I believe it is an important element to develop.

UKBJJA Member Club:

We are a Member club of the UKBJJA United Kingdom Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Association. And as such meet and maintain the high standards set out by this organisation. as a member of our school you can join the UKBJJA as an individual for only £15 a year to receive member to member insurance and have your competition points included in their UK rankings. (Competing is optional)

Beginner Friendly!

Our classes are very beginner friendly and whilst you are encouraged to get as much out of the session as you can. you will work at a pace and rate of progress you are comfortable with. I have been a beginner in martial arts classes many times before myself and I am very familiar with teaching people of all ages who are new to martial arts, so you can be rest assured you will be eased into training gently and gradually to match the level you feel comfortable participating at. Whilst it is encouraged, you do not have to roll (spar) until you feel comfortable doing so, however this is often the part most people find they enjoy most and live practice against a resistant opponent is what makes BJJ an extremely effective art.

Portsmouth Area Martial Arts Club

What do I need to bring?

Just yourself, some water and comfortable clothing to start. Whilst classes are in the Gi (training outfit) you will not need one to start with, although most people buy one shortly after joining as it really helps get the most out of the training. Any piercings or jewelry will need to be removed before training for safety reasons.

Portsmouth Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


Classes are for Adults 14 years+.

Day's and Times:

Tuesday 7.30pm - 9PM (Gi)

Friday 7.30pm - 9pm (Gi)

Last Friday of the Month (No Gi) - shorts and rash guard / t-shirt
(This Month Friday 28th July)

(Please note there will be no session Fri 7th, Tue 18th & Fri 21st July 2017)


Milton Cross Academy Gymnasium
Milton Road

Finding the room:

We are in the Gymnasium at the back of the School.

Just go in the main entrance, go straight ahead past reception and straight up the stairs to the first floor and we are through the blue doors at the far end of the corridor.

Alternatively, you can walk through the playground around to the back of the building and we are through the double doors at the top of the outdoor staircase.

If you have any problems feel free to send a message on 07851471618 and someone will come and find you.


Free Trial First Session!

No Joining Fee Or Minimum Contract!

Free 1hr Private Lesson! For All New Members Joining For The Month!

Over 18's (First Session Free!)

£45 All Classes per calendar month. (Includes Free 1hr Private lesson for new students!)
or £10 for a single class / drop in session.

14-17 yrs (First Session Free!)

£35 All Classes per calendar month (Includes Free 1hr Private lesson for new students!)
or £10 for a single class / drop in session.

Martial Arts in Portsmouth

Come and Try!

Come down and give a free trial session of BJJ a try in Portsmouth Hampshire, UK, and see what we can do for you! We are very welcoming to new students!

I am also available to teach classes or seminars elsewhere, so get in touch if interested.

for a Completely Free Trial Session and receive a Free 1hr Private Lesson when you join for the month!

Get in touch now via the form on the contact page or email us at and well get back to you right away! Or just come down to a session, youll be very welcome! Hope to see you soon!

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